Why Crutchfield & Graves Insurance? Centrally located in the Southeast, Crutchfield & Graves Insurance serves as a hub for farm & equine insurance. Our coverages are unique—each policy is customizable for specific situations, so we can best serve your insurance needs. Crutchfield & Graves Insurance has partnered with leading insurance carriers that offer:

-Farm Insurance: Provides coverage for your farm dwellings, barn structures, arenas, tractors, equipment, feed, tack, etc. This coverage can be used for personal or commercial farms.

-Equine Commercial General Liability: Provides coverage for equine facilities that offer services such as boarding, training, breeding, instruction, horse sales, etc. Professional liability can be added as additional coverage to most commercial general liability policies.

-Care, Custody & Control: Designed to protect trainers and barn owners against legal liability that may result in the death, injury or theft of a non-owned horse. This coverage can be written as an individual policy or added as additional coverage to commercial general liability policy.

-Equine Personal Liability: Provides individual horse owners or lessee of a horse, coverage for bodily injury or property damage to a third party. This coverage can be written as a single policy or added as additional coverage to commercial general liability policy.

-Horse Show Liability: Provides liability coverage for individual horse shows, clinics or equestrian camps. This coverage is designed for day of the event(s).

-Equine Full Mortality: Provides coverage for the death of your horse resulting from accident, injury, sickness or disease. Additionally, this policy provides coverage if your horse is stolen.

-Major Medical Coverage: Provides reimbursement for medical and surgical expenses that result from accident, sickness or disease. Limits and deductibles may vary depending on the insurance provider.

-Loss of Use: Provides coverage if your horse becomes totally and permanently unable to perform the tasks that he/she is used for, and stated on your policy.

-Therapeutic Riding: Provides liability coverage for programs no matter how many volunteers, instructors, riders or horses are used. Some of our carriers can also provide coverage for model programs like PATH International and EAGALA.

-Farrier Insurance: Provides customized coverage for your farrier business no matter where you are working from. The farrier insurance package can offer additional coverages such as care, custody & control liability, equipment & supplies protection, etc.

The preceding information is an overview of the coverages we can offer. If you are unsure of what your policy covers, or you do not currently have insurance, please contact us today to schedule a meeting.